Repair Services


AC Motor Repair

disassembling a GE 1250HP motor

Disassembling a GE 1250Hp motor.

AC Motor Repair – Lebanon Power & Apparatus remanufactures low voltage and medium voltage AC motors up to 3000Hp, 4160Volts. We are dedicated to providing our customers with top quality repairs that includes application recommendations to ensure extended life from your repair. Every motor is fully inspected and tested. All machine fits are measured and every part is cleaned. Your motor is not just repaired, it is remanufactured returning it to factory specification or better.

DC Motor Repair

incoming DC motor

Incoming DC Motor

DC Motor repair is a specialty of Lebanon Power & Apparatus. We offer complete DC motor repair including complete rewinds, turning and undercutting commutators, full voltage and full load testing. Our attention to detail in DC motor repair is unparalleled. Our DC specialists have over 160 years of combined experience. Lebanon Power & Apparatus uses Class H insulation in all DC rewinds, which exceeds factory specification.

Machining & Fabrication

Preparing bearing journal

Preparing bearing journal for final grinding process.

We have a complete machine shop in-house. All machine fits are measured and machined back to factory specifications. Machine work includes metal spraying, bore and bush endshields, manufacture and installation of new shafts. Lebanon Power & Apparatus has an extensive line of machining equipment that ensures quick turn around on repairs.

Pump Repair

Turbine Pump Motor

US 900Hp, 1200Rpm, 4000Volt Vertical Turbine Pump Motor

Another service offered at Lebanon Power & Apparatus is repair of Submersible Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, and Turbine Pumps.