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DC Repair Services

DC Repair Services2018-12-09T13:15:09+00:00

DC Motor repair is a specialty of Lebanon Power & Apparatus.  We offer complete DC motor repair including complete rewinds, turning and undercutting commutators, full voltage and full load testing.  Our attention to detail in DC motor repair is unparalleled.  Our DC specialists have over 160 years of combined experience.  Lebanon Power & Apparatus uses Class H insulation in all DC rewinds, which exceeds factory specification.

-Up to 2500Hp Complete Rebuilds

-Full Load Test on All Rewinds

-Individual Coil Comparison Test on All Field Frames

-VPI Process on Rewinds

-Final Test Run on Precision Floor Plate

-Vibration Recordings on Final Test Run

-Precision Balancing on All Armatures