AC Motors

We remanufacture a wide range of AC electric motors.  Our capabilities extend from fractional horsepower up to 3,000 horsepower, and 4160 volts

•Random And Form-Coil Rewind

•Synchronous And Wound Rotor Rewind

•Dynamic Balancing On Rotors

•Full-Load Testing Capabilities

•Monitor Vibration And Precision Balancing On All Completed Motors

DC Motors

We remanufacture all varieties of D.C. motors.  Our capabilities range from fractional horsepower up to 2,500 horsepower. 

Full-Load Test On All

 Commutators Resurfaced To Less Than .0005 TIR

Complete Load and No Load Test Run On All D.C. Motors

Vibration And Temperature Monitoring

Tig-Weld Commutators

Other WOrk

At Lebanon Power, we provide specialty repair work  including magnets, custom coils, and custom shunts.

Magnet Remanufacturing

Belt, Lifting And Custom Production 

Magnet Rewinding

Repair Or Remanufacture Of Frequency Generators

Custom Coil Rewinding: Obsolete Contactor Coils And Brake Coils

Resurface All Contacts

Make Custom Shunts

 Rectifier, Welding, And Contactor Shunts

Balance Fans, Blowers, Impellors, And Hammermills

Custom Shaft And Machine Work To Duplicate OEM Equipment

Complete Pump Rebuilds

In-House Machining Capabilities

Custom Shaft And Machine Work To Duplicate OEM

Metalizing And Welding Capabilities-MIG,TIG, ARC Welders

50” Swing x 13’ Long Horizontal Lathe

Multiple Manual Lathes

48” and 42” Vertical Lathes

60” Horizontal Boring Mill

60” CNC Mill